Becoming a Supplier

This section details the requirments to become a Supplier for Britishfoodmart

Third Party Independent Inspection

  • Each factory/final pack site will be required to have a BRC Audit
  • The scope of the inspection as detailed on the BRC certificate needs to cover all the product types which will be supplied to Britishfoodmart
  • Factories must attain a Grade A, B or C and must remain in certification at all times
  • Failure to obtain the above grades will affect your supply status with Britishfoodmart and could result in withdrawal of the product from store

Product Testing

  • All Britishfoodmart Brand products are tested at First Production – Nutritionally / Microbiologically and analytically as appropriate
  • Products also undergo surveillance testing – frequency is determined from a risk assessment of the product
  • Customer complaints may also need testing as part of the investigation process
  • All tests are carried out by independent accredited laboratory based in the UK
  • Suppliers are able to access their results.

Product Quality

Product Quality is measured in a number of ways:

Britishfoodmart Product Managers closely monitor customer complaints and issues are discussed at weekly team meetings.

Panels are used to:

  • Ensure ongoing product consistency
  • Determine our position in the marketplace
  • Gain customer feedback
  • Validate Brand Hierarchy
  • Customer Complaints

Britishfoodmart uses two different systems to collect Customer Complaint Data and Defective Returns.

Incident Management

Britishfoodmart Expects – All supply sites to have a documented system in place to detail how any potential or actual breach of food safety, quality requirements or legality will be managed.

A major incident often results in the Withdraw or Recall of products.


A product quality issue is identified – E.g. Out of spec product, incorrect date coding. An entire product line or specific date code is withdrawn from store & depot.


A product is found to be unsafe and/or illegal. E.g. Serious Foreign Body contamination, unacceptable levels of a food poisoning organism. In addition to a withdrawal, a recall requires displays boards in store and national press coverage.

Incident Management – Information to Have to Hand

On direct contact, inform the relevant Britishfoodmart personnel of the following details:

  • Scale of the issue
  • Site code
  • Supplier Name, your name, address and telephone number
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Brand name of product involved
  • Product description
  • Pack size, flavour, type of packaging (i.e: single, multipack etc)
  • Details of production code/Use By or Best Before Date on pack
  • Location of affected stock
  • Corrective action taken to date

Are any of the following people involved:

  • Police / Environmental Health / Trading Standards

If you are eligible in becoming a supplier partner and want to help us serve customers a little better every day, please Contact us.