Go Local

Britishfoodmart promotes and maximises regional business opportunities for local suppliers, contractors and employers.

Britishfoodmart works to ensure that Great North East businesses are given the best shot against larger businesses. The aim is to promote as much local businesses as possible and create local jobs.

This work ensures that, as far as possible, its investments in regional areas support local businesses and grow the regional economy.

Britishfoodmart will ensure that smaller companies in the regions are not disadvantaged because they don’t have a dedicated marketing team.

We want to encourage regional population to as much as possible visit local business against going to larger supermarkets. Help grow our economy and create more jobs for our population.

Benefits of buying from Britishfoodmart

  • Lower Price than Supermarket
  • Higher Profit for Local Suppliers
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • More Jobs Created and Retained
  • Your Money Remains in the Community rather than going to unknown investors.