Stella Artois Premium Lager 4 X 568Ml Pint


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Stella Artois Premium Lager 4 X 568Ml Pint

Product Description

  • Premium Lager
  • Most lager and pilsner beers are made of the same ingredients. But that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Every Stella Artois is brewed with water, malted barley and maize. But most importantly, Saaz Hops. It’s what helps Stella Artois stand out.
  • Saaz, the origins of which can be traced back 1,000 years, is known as one of the noble hops: the original hops grown in central Europe.
  • In Stella Artois, it gives a delicate green hoppy note that harmonizes with the fruity aroma coming from fermentation.
  • The key to brewing a great beer is having the best ingredients to choose from.
  • And Saaz Hops are key to making Stella Artois the flavourful lager it is today.
  • Originally crafted as a Christmas gift for the Belgian town of Leuven, ‘Stella’ Artois was so well received, the brewery named it after a star, and decided to give it to the world forever.
  • Four ingredients
  • Belgium’s original
  • Belgian recipe
  • Pack size: 568ml



Water, Malted Barley, Maize, Hops

Tasting Notes

  • A beautifully balanced, full-flavoured premium lager with a pronounced hoppy bitterness and a crisp, clean finish.


4.8% vol


Best Before End: See Above or See Other Side Panel

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Origin Free Text

Brewed in the UK

Preparation and Usage

  • Stella Artois is poured in a carefully designed Chalice crafted to help the entire Stella Artois aroma be best expressed. Its wide base curves into a narrower top, allowing the beer to swirl as it is poured at a 45% angle.
  • Stella Artois deserved to be poured according to a 4-step pouring ritual:
  • Step 1: The perfect Chalice. Always use a clean cool Chalice.. Hold the glass by the stem.
  • Step 2: Liquid alchemy. Pour at a 45º angle.
  • Step 3: The skim. Create a 3cm head. Skim at a 45º angle.
  • Step 4: The bestowal. Place the Chalice on a coaster. Present with the logo facing forward.

Lower age limit

Statutory Years : 18

Net Contents

4 x 568 Millilitres ℮

Additional information

Weight2400 g


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