Pettex Hygienic Cat Litter 3kg


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Pettex Hygienic Cat Litter 3kg

  • Super sieved’ for better performance
  • Premium grade
  • Clump forming
  • Controls odour
  • Premium natural granules
  • Highly absorbent
  • Pure fullers earth
  • The best way to keep cats clean and contented
  • Ideal for house training pets
  • Suitable for cats and kittens
  • Produced from a pure naturally absorbent mineral

Product Marketing

Manufactured from our own carefully selected source of raw material for a performance no similar cat litter can match
Recommended by veterinary professionals and breeders everywhere
This product is completely harmless to your pet, tested and approved by pet owners for over 55 years

Pettex Cat Litter is the finest and simplest way of deodorizing and disposing of your pet’s waste and makes taking care of your pet a pleasure instead of a chore.

Brand Marketing

Also packed in various other sizes

Additional Information

  • Pack Type: Bag – Paper

Preparation and Usage

Be sure your pets are safe from outside dangers!

1 Fill to the suggested level
2 Forms a perfect clump
3 Use a scoop for removal
Wash your hands!
Keep them content at home with their own toilet facility!

How to Use
1. Keep a minimum 6.5cm (2.5″) of granules in the tray to provide ample depth for pawing and covering.
2. Clumps and solid waste should be removed daily using a cat litter scoop.
3. Always top up the litter tray to the original level.
4. The tray should be completely emptied regularly, washed with warm water and a mild solution of household disinfectant.
For hygiene reasons it is best to wear disposable or rubber gloves and wash your hands after cleaning or emptying your cat litter tray.


Store in a dry place



Manufacturer’s Address

Pettex Limited,
ANG 40137,
IG6 3ZZ.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g


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