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The years leading up to the formation of Britishfoodmart were months of momentous meetings, partnerships forged in the heat of inspiration, big ideas, great dreams and bold actions.

The Founders of Britishfoodmart operate many convenient stores across our beautiful island one of which is the Britishfoodmart. At the same time we deliver a large number of products worldwide and for locals.  We have dedicated our service to provide the best rate you will find in any supermarket as a Local and an Expat.

We are Based in South Shields a small sea town in the North East of England. Before we provided our services over the phone to hundreds of Customers around the world. As we found the use of internet is increasing and customers can gain access to our store through their phones, tablets and computers, we shifted our business to online.

Since our online store is new, you may not find all products. But our Warehouse has thousands of products which are sold in our many stores and will eventually be added on our online store.

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Team Member gives you a crucial and very active role in our development and distribution operation. We absolutely depend on our development and Distribution colleagues to keep our stores supplied with the right stock at the right time. The work’s got to be done fast, accurately and safely.

Ted Knighton


Meg Prater


Amy Richardson


Luis Díaz

Lead Developer

Amol Shewale

North Region Manager

Mica Ross

South Region Manager

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